Wellness at Easter: Hajdúszoboszló is One of the Most Popular Destinations


Based on the pre-booking data, more accommodation bookings have already been placed for the long Easter weekend than in 2019, Szallas.hu told MTI on Tuesday.

According to their data, if the desire to travel does not diminish, Easter may be outstanding with the last-minute bookings, with a fifth or even a quarter more bookings expected in 2019.

The announcement quotes Beatrix Trepess, the PR manager of Szallas.hu, who said that the price per person per night increased by a third compared to 2019, this year it will cost an average of HuF 10,000 per night at Easter on a national scale. One in three guests chose a hotel, with 26 per cent booking an apartment and about every fifth booking a guest house. The boarding house received 16 per cent of the bookings, while the other category received 4 per cent of the bookings. One in four people chose spa accommodation for the long weekend. Eger, Budapest, Gyula, Hajdúszoboszló and Pécs have now proved to be the most sought-after destinations, followed by Szeged, Hévíz, Siófok, Nyíregyháza and Balatonfüred. Szallas.hu also indicated that 19% more people stayed in the first quarter compared to 2019 and 26% more than in 2020 (it was not possible to travel in this period in 2021).

The price increase did not deter those wishing to travel either, with an average of 30 per cent more per person per night than in 2019 and 18 per cent in 2020 in the first quarter of this year.



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