Young Researcher from Debrecen Published in “Science”


One of the most prestigious scientific journals published the work of a 35-year-old scientist form Debrecen.

It is not easy to get into the journal of Science, „it requires a lot of work, good luck, great collaborative partners”- said Lóránt Székvölgyi, molecular biologist of the University of Debrecen. The abstract of collaborative study of two French, one Australian and one Hungarian scholar, was sent to the Science editorial at the beginning of the summer. The

studies are examined by a professional committee of scientists. This is where 90% of the papers become rejected; ours fortunately passed through the sieve. Then the paper was given to four independent experts. „They had a positive attitude towards us, but they sent us a list of further researches that must be done to be accepted by the Science. We worked on this over the summer, but finally we managed to out carry all necessary tests.

The study of Lóránt Székvölgyi and their research fellows focuses on the study of chromosomes and their fractures. The DNA breaks in the cells should be corrected in order to hinder uncontrolled cell division. Scientists have been searching for the answer to the question: why exactly the genetic material breaks where it actually breaks? It is already proved that the DNA fractures are regulated by epigenetic means, but the cause-effect

relationship was not discovered yet.

The researches of the young scholars will be useful in the field of cancer research and that of infertility.

And what can bring a publication to Science to the life of a young researcher? „In short term, I am hoping for successful applications to tenders, for winning economical sources to be able to recruit more researchers. Also, I am hoping to establish a research group at the University of Debrecen, with which further achievements can be reached in the field-, said Lóránt Székvölgyi.


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