Hungary reaches a new record in the number of new covid infections

The number of vaccines in Hungary was 6,322,905, of which 6,066,056 received the second and 3,430,445 the third. 14,890 new infections have been confirmed, bringing the number of identified infections to 1,369,974 since the outbreak began. 85 people died, mostly elderly, chronic patients, so the number of deaths rose to 40,686, reported on Wednesday.

PM Praises Health-Care Performance Amid Pandemic

“Last year’s Christmas was almost the way one imagines it,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview to public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió, with families coming together, albeit “under the shadow of the pandemic”. He praised Hungary’s “fantastic hospital capacities, especially in terms of human resources”. Currently, 2,611 Covid-19 patients are hospitalised and 243 are […]