EU Cohesion Policy: Inauguration of the renovated metro line in Budapest

The renovated M3 or ‘blue’ metro line in Budapest, Hungary, was inaugurated and opened to passengers. The renovation of this line – whose 17,4 km make it the longest in the city – and of 20 metro stations started in November 2017 and benefitted from €453 million Cohesion Policy funding from the 2014-2020 programming period, out of a total […]

Danish law enabling family reunification of Turks for the employee and his/her spouse legally residing in Denmark

That restriction cannot be justified by the objective of ensuring the spouse’s successful integration since Danish legislation does not take account either of the spouse’s own ability to integrate or of other factors demonstrating the effective integration of the worker concerned.

The Court confirms that the case of a serious threat to national security, its general and undifferentiated preservation

vA súlyos általános egészségmegőrzés elleni küzdelem érdekében – az arányosság elve szigorúan – megkövetelhetik különösen az ilyen adatok célzott és/vagy gyors, valamint az IP-címek és differenciálatlanság.

Four teachers received an Order of Academic Palms

On February 4, 2022, the Ambassador of France presented the Academy Palm Award to four outstanding teachers. Accompanied by their families and loved ones, the laureates testified to their strong attachment to their profession in the service of promoting the French language and Francophone culture. Congratulations to Angele Kutasi, Judit Lengyel, Mrs. Zsuzsanna Stiffel and […]