Family House Caught Fire in Patak, Two People Died


Two people died after a family house caught fire early Friday morning in Patak, Nógrád county, the National Directorate General of Disaster Management told MTI.

Ten firefighters went to the scene with two vehicles, where a twenty-square-meter room on the ground floor of a one-hundred-square-meter, two-story house was on fire. The flames were brought under control in forty minutes.

Three people lived in the house, one of them suffered smoke poisoning, two other people died, their bodies were found by the firefighters while extinguishing the flames. Firefighters removed two gas cylinders from the house, preventing them from exploding. According to the announcement, two cats also died in the smoke-filled building. The fire investigation will reveal the exact place, time and cause of the fire.

Attention was drawn to the fact that three apartment fires ended in tragedy in twelve hours: people died in apartment fires in Kisdombegyháza on Thursday afternoon, in Nyírtelek in the evening, and in Patak in the early hours of Friday. They also indicated that in similar cases, a smoke detector that signals when a fire starts, when there is still time to act, can save lives.

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