Theft of great value paintings and antique statues


On the fall of 2009 after 25 years in the USA a Debrecen born man started the renovation of his flat in Debrecen planning to move home.

The man was an art collector so he started sending home the purchased paintings and statues. He stored these artworks together with those
paintings and sculptures which were in his Debrecen apartement in a garage of the Erzsebet street which was equipped with a combination lock
and an alarm.
His friends offered him this option, he came back to Hungary every 2-3 weeks to check the renovation.
In December on of his friend started to steal from the artworks with the help ofa four people gang using an illegaly copy of the keys and the security
code. The 47 years owner was nor aware of what was going on because the security company had no sign of any illegal activity in the garage.
One of the garage neigbours called the owner`s family because of the activity. The owner suddenly arrived and report the missing of artworks worth more than 30 million forints (111 000 euros).
The police arrested the 20 years old friend, the main perpetrator and a 17, 19 and a 22years old perpetrators. Police seized The Last Dinner relief from Salvador Dali in their apartement. During their interrogation they mentioned a 60 years old resetter who regularly bought items from the perpetrators. He paid always only the fraction of the worth of the artworks and sold them in Budapest`s Ecseri artwork market.
Police found 9 sculptures and 14 paintings in his flat which belongs to the 47 years old victim.

From the flat ofanother receiver police took 4 artworks with unknown owners. Please if you recognize your item or you have information of the owners call the police.
Debrecen Police Press Release

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