Police Caught the Families Who Spread Designer Drugs

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Spreaders and consumers were raided by the detectives and the exploratory unit of the Department of Crimes of Hajdú-Bihar and the detectives and officers of Police Captaincy of Debrecen. To catch the criminals, the two units had to collaborate efficiently.

In the recent period the use of designer drugs became prevalent among young people. The most common place to use them are the pleasure-grounds, however their occurrence can be found in public places also. As far as the prevention are concerned, the police are trying to warn the people to the dangers and criminal consequences of using drugs. The most endangered age-group is the under aged, since they are more impressionable then adults; they are more willing to try designer drugs in pleasure-grounds, not to think of consequences.

Because of these, the exploration of drug spreading systems are handled with accentuated attention. The police forces are extremely efficient in cases connected to drugs. Those who are captured with drug abuse have to face the consequences, the rigour of criminal law. The spreaders are imprisoned for several years, and the customers and consumers are also impeached.

Thank to a successful exploratory operation, the spreaders and the customers were raided by the police on Wednesday and Thursday.

Counter Terrorism Centre were set in, hence the suspects had weapons.

A 24 years old man and his 52 years old mother were captured by the forces of Counter Terrorism Centre in an apartment of Miklós Sínai street, Debrecen; they were selling and spreading synthetic drugs, primarily for under aged people. On a daily basis, they had 40 customers. Their activities are considered as crime, moreover, had made the safety of the neighbourhood extremely low. The seizure of drugs are approximately enough for 1200-1400 doses.

After the interrogation, the man were taken into custody; the woman were released, she can defence herself at large. Other seven people, customers, were arrested.

On the same day in Debrecen, a whole family were raided by the forces of CTC in Csapókert; the 56 years old father, the 52 years old mother, their 24 years old daughter and their 21 years old son.
According to the available data, they were selling designer drugs to a large audience. Members of the family were taken into custody, besides seven consumers were captured.

Other two men were arrested; one in the city centre of Hajdúböszörmény and one in a farm near to Hajdúböszörmény by the exploratory teams and detectives of Department of Crimes. The suspects were growing marijuana in their residences. One of them were taken into custody after the interrogation; the other one can parry himself at large.

During the two days, the mentioned police forces have seized drugs, plants and tools that are needed to their productions and grow; besides, 5 million Forints were captured. These will be used as evidences against the suspects during the court procedures.

The arrest of the suspects will be decided by the City Court of Debrecen.
The contents of the seizure are examined by chemist experts.

In the above mentioned cases, the investigation is done by the Police Captaincy of Hajdú-Bihar County; the charge is drug abuse.


Károly Kovács, p. captain
Police Captaincy of Hajdú-Bihar County, Press Department

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