Catholic School from a jewish synagogue

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Somlo Koves rabbi inaugurated and Nandor Bosak catholic bishop blessed the plaque which commemorates the first Jewish synagogue in Debrecen.

They installed a plaque on the wall of the Kindergarten of the Svetits Institute in Debrecen to commemorate the synagogue which operated inside the building from 1865 to 1895.
Peter Weisz the president of Istvan Barankovics Jewish Workshop Association recalled in his speech that the 29th act in 1840 allowed the Jewish people to settle down in the city.
In 1865 they bought a property in St Anna street converted it into a meetinghouse. Nandor Volafka priest, later titular Bishop offered buying the building from them to help the planned erection of the synagogue near the Railway station (this building was severly damaged during an air attack in 1944 and its remains were cleared

in the `60s.).

The catholic church purchased the building and founded the Svetits upper secondary school.
Now the church runs a multipurpose educational institution with a kindergarten, primary school,
grammar school and student hostel.

On behalf of the catholic nuns, Sister Jolanta, a former Provincial reminded the gatherers that the
house has always been a house of prayer. After the synagogue the nuns used as a chapel during
the war it was functioning as a hospital and now is the home of the prayers of the child of kindergarten.

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