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Two men dressed in street clothes pretending that they are working for EON Co. and want to check the electricity meter.

According to information an organized gang looting in Debrecen, especially trying to get into houses and apartments of elderly people to stel cash and personal properties.
The perpetrators are usually wearing street clothes, well-dressed, they wearing baseball cap and stating that they working for EON. They tell their victims that they have to check the electricity meter. Sometimes they
said that the owner paid too much so they giving back the amount in cash on spot. They have not got the proper amount so giving big notes and while the owner looking for change another gangmember enters the property and start looking for cash and other values.

The EON company calls the attention of its users that the company just sending out their colleagues to check the meters. These staff can identify themselves and they only record the serial number of the meter and the used kWH. The company not using staff to accept payments.

In the case that if someone encounters this situation, be cautious and do not to let anyone inside the property and call the police.

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