Crime prevention advice

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The crowd, congestion and festive atmosphere is one of the favorite scene for the criminals as well.
Especially pickpockets, thieves and burglars using the occasion to commit crimes contributing to human irresponsibility.

Pickpocket prevention:

– turn your bag`s open part towards your body and cover with your hand
– do not keep all your money in one place
– only took the most important document with you
– do not keep your credit card together with the PIN.

Preventing your car and flat from thieves and burglars:

– do not display any values inside your car
– do not put values that you want to hide away from unauthorized peopleinto the trunk or other parts of
your car directly after parking
-do notleave your flat seems to be deserted
– use mechanical and electrical protective devices
– carefully close all doors and windows and turn on the alarm when you left your house
– ask your neighbor to watch for suspicious movements next to your flat.
– always empty your mailbox, if you away ask a neighbor to do it
– let a little light on at night

In a large crowd is easy to lose each other. This is a big problem especially if a child or old relative lost and did not know about themselves. What can you do to find them easily?

– increased your attention on children and elderly people
– tell your relatives when and where can you met if they lost
– write a telephone number with a permanent marker to the forearm of your relatives

-immediately notify police dialling 107 or 112 emergency numbers
Hajdu-Bihar County Police

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