Letdown accident

Local News Police

Traffic Enforcement Department of Debrecen Police investigating in suspicion of a criminal negligence.

A 50 years old bearded man was driving on the so called Panorama road from Diószegi street towards
Hosszúpályi street at 08:15 am 24th January 2010 in a Suzuki Swift car. He was approaching with his car
(unknown registration number) in the middle of the road when a black colour Suzuki was in progress from
the direction of Hosszúpályi street. The 45 years old lady had to steer the wheel suddenly to the right to
avoid collision and found herself turned upside down in the ditch.
The unknown man left the scene without stopping. Successfuly the lady had not injured but the property
damage is significant.
In order to clarify the circumstances police looking for witnesses and especially the driver who caused the
accident to report in personthe Traffic Enforcement Department of Debrecen Police /I/1 office, building D.
4 Budai Ezsaias street or call the 06 52/516 400(2217) or one of the toll free emergency numbers(112,107)

HB County Police

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