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The city is planning to build more roundabouts and bicycle roads in several districts. In addition they going to build bus lanes and refurbish the bus turn in Borzan Gaspar street.

These developments will cost around 700 million forints, so the municipiality will ask an 600 million forint aid from the Regional Operational Program. Building roundabouts can solve the problem in several intersections. The same solution will be applied near the main building of the University. This would not be the only change here: they going to build a bus lane till the Nagy Lajos kiraly square and bicycle path as well. The existing bicycle path in Tocoskert district will reach the city centre, and from Furedi street another path will go along Boszormenyi street till Vezer street.
The maximum amount for this tender is 600million forints the city tried to put together the project elements to get the full amount -said Zoltan Pajna, deputy mayor.
The decision of the tender is expected in April. The succesful contractor can start the development in October.

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