Basketball team DEKE – The end!

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The Basketball Association of the University of Debrecen will not finish this season in the A league in the present economic circumstances

Therefore the leaders of the club have decided and already informed the coaches, players and the city leaders.
The management have tried to find a solution till the last moment but could no longer postponed the

The club thanks the encouragement of the fans and thehelp of the city of Debrecen and other supporters but in this situation would be a big irresponsibility to accumulate further debts.

The club wants to settle the debts in the foreseable future and finish the season in good
condition and help their players future career.

This decision only the A league and the U20 teams affected, the other teams working on the same track.

The DEKE team played 14 games in this season, winning only one match. During the season plenty
of players left the team because they had not received their salary. The management had not found
a solution so they decided and brought back the team from the National League.

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