Pharmacies in danger


Three pharmacies closed their door in Debrecen due to operational inability.
The chairman of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Association said that due to liberalization maybe the medicine supply will be terminated in loads of small villages.

The state"s role in the medicine supply and the liberalization was the main topic of the 3rd Regional Meeting of the Hungarian Pharmaeutical Association.
Lajos Kosa mayor and the leaders of the chamber also agreed that medicine supply should opearate as a regulated market, where not only the competition but the efficiency should have been strenghtened.

The privatization of pharmacies took place 14 years ago, which created one of the best drug-retail structure in Europe. From January 2007 government gave green signal to the liberalization which causes a loads of problems for the smaller pharmacies.

In 2006 there were 41 pharmacies in Debrecen, but now there are 59, sometimes 4 in only one street.

The government decreased the state support, and the pharmacies have an outstanding 6 billion forints debt. So the little pharmacies with low traffic outside the city centres or in small villages are in danger.

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