Ryan O’Neal Has Died at the Age of 82


American actor Ryan O’Neal died at the age of 82. The news was announced by his son Patrick O’Neal on his Instagram page.


The cause of the actor’s death was not announced, but he had been ill for years, he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001 and stage four prostate cancer in 2012.

O’Neal gained fame in the 1960s as the main character in the soap opera Peyton Place, and in the following decade became a sought-after actor in Hollywood. He became a star in 1970’s Love Story, in which he co-starred with Ali McGraw. He also filmed two popular films with director Peter Bogdanovich: What’s up, doc? comedy and Paper Moon. In the latter, he played the main roles together with Tatum O’Neal, his own daughter, Tatum also won an Oscar for the film at the age of ten.

Ryan O’Neal’s best creative period was in the early seventies. In the middle of the decade, he starred in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, which at the time strongly divided audiences. The actor had successes later, but he appeared more and more often on television. Ryan O’Neal died surrounded by his family on Friday, his son wrote.




Photo: The Directors Company / Saticoy / Collection Christophel / AFP

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